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Alarm patrol from Arctic Security ensures you a quick response

Fixed price per system / connection regardless of size

Basic Business DKK 750 per month surveillance as well as guard driving in case of burglary.

With advance payment of 1 year, the monthly price can be reduced to DKK 699 per. month

News Now you can also rent your alarm system. prices from 850kr Pr. Month contact us for further info

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Guard service

Guards and alarm patrol are an integral part of any alarm system.

Alarm patrols can generally be secured in two ways:
1. either as a preventive patrol
2. or as a guard call when an alarm is triggered
The alpha and omega is that your business is not just monitored
24 hours a day, but also that there are active bodies,
who is ready to react if the accident should be out.
For many customers, it is the emergency patrol guards who
responding to alarms that are the face of the security solution
which you supply.
We know this, and therefore our alarm patrol responds both quickly
and professionally when the alarm goes off.


A store guard provides more security for your employees and less free play for the store thieves.
With us, you get a permanent team of guards who are a natural part of the staff in your store.
Not only do we prevent shoplifting and wastage, we also give your employees peace of mind to focus on selling.


We take care of your business at night,
on weekends, holidays and all other times,
you want a number of times per. day / week / month at changing times.
Our patrol guards can go up to several rounds of guards
at your company in the course of a day and i.a.
check that doors and windows are not open,
that the light is off,
that coffee machines and other electronics are disconnected,
that the alarm is correctly switched on,
and that there are no unwanted persons in the area.
The agreement is primarily contract-based,
but can also be solved as a temporary task.
Concepts such as patrol guard, supervisor guard,
area guard and the like are usually other expressions of this form of guard.
Area guard, however, is a specialized form of guard of round guard,
where the patrol guard for an agreed period of time
resides within a specified area and rounds there.

Burglar alarm

We offer not only alarm patrol, alarm response and patrolling
but are also capable of delivering within the alarms themselves.
With our wide range of business alarms, we ensure everything
from hair salons and clothing stores to municipal buildings
and shopping malls. When purchasing alarm systems at Arctic Security
you get 24 hours of monitoring at a fixed price per month.
In addition, you can purchase other features as needed.
We are happy to advise so you are guaranteed full coverage.


If your alarm goes off, our alarm patrol will respond promptly.
Our control center ensures that
that the signal from your alarm is sent out to the nearest patrol guard,
so we can be promoted by your company as soon as possible.
Very often, our patrol guards can arrive so quickly,
that they can prevent a burglary. But our guard cars arrive after,
that the thief has disappeared again, then our guards ensure,
that your business is not left unprotected.

Video surveillance

In addition to alarm systems, we are also capable of delivering video surveillance.
In addition to preventing the actual theft, an alarm with video surveillance can
save companies a lot of hassle.
Often the part that brings the most annoyance – broken windows,
overturned furniture or missing items on the shelves.
The cameras detect illegal intrusion and our guard responds immediately.
Proactive video surveillance can e.g.
Also used for monitoring technical installations.

NOX Alarm system

With a NOX system gets in one of the market’s strongest security systems. It is an integrated security system that combines access control, fire detection, video surveillance and climate and building management in a single security system.

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Alarm patrol from Arctic Security ensures you a quick response