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Arctic Security offers alarm systems for private individuals. Make sure your home is secured with us.

Before the THIEF comes to visit

Fixed price per system

Private basis SEK 225 pr. month surveillance as well as guard driving in case of burglary.

For prepayment of 1 year, the monthly price can be reduced to DKK 199 per. month

News Now you can also rent your alarm system. prices from 325kr Pr. Month contact us for further info

Benefits of the alarm

With alarm, there are no surprises when you return home
Reduce the risk of burglary, fire and water damage
In the event of a burglary, we send a guard and then contact the police
If there is a fire near you,
we send the guard and then the fire department


Our alarm system can detect burglars before they enter. You will receive advice on the alarm system and the installation will be carried out by us. That way, you know it works and covers your home in the best possible way in case of burglary and fire. It is us who service and repair your alarm system if something happens. The alarm is connected to our control center.


Get better control of the security of your home with our alarm system.
It is being installed by us and all the wireless
devices are connected to our control center.
If something happens, the alarm siren goes off and the control center is notified immediately.
We assess the situation and can quickly send the nearest guard,
call the fire department or the police.


Do you also know the nagging feeling that comes up,
when you are not quite sure if you now remembered to turn on the alarm?
With an alarm app, you do not have to waste several minutes of the restaurant visit
on worrying about the security of your home.
From your smartphone, you can easily operate your private alarm system and make sure that everything breathes peace and idyll in the home.
With a photodetector as part of the alarm package, you can even see for yourself the case.
The photo detector takes pictures of your home,
which you can review at any time from your alarm app.
And when you roll into the driveway later in the evening,
is it over with the stress of having to enter the code,
before the alarm sounds.
With the app’s intuitive interface, keeping your home safe and stress-free has never been easier.


May we see your alarm system? Then we can tell you if you can connect to us. We are happy to check your alarm system and ensure that you are completely covered.

The latest technology

We must be future-proof so that our customers can be future-proof. That is why we always use the latest technology, which i.a. means that the products and solutions we deliver to our customers can be expanded in step with the individual company’s development.

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Alarm systems for companies

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